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The Cage - Lyrics (back)


Staring at the image I begin to see a face
Making a connection oh my mind begins to race
Hating, rating, mating, dating

Hearing things I think are there I fill in all the blanks
Having faith in what it’s not I know it’s not a prank
See it, feel it, hear it, believe it

Oh look its Jesus, on this piece of toast
The Virgin Mary, staring from a rump roast
I think that’s Gandhi, in that cloudy sky
And I found Stalin, in that piece of pie

Look at it again you see the same thing that I do
Make it up as I go, my mind has gone askew
Embrace, misplace, erase, displace

So it starts to take a form familiar and routine
We’re conditioned from the start, we all must have the gene
Picture, scripture, lecture, conjecture

A backwards record, singing Paul is dead
It’s Michael Jackson, in a loaf of squaw bread
And Adolf Hitler, lurking in my soup
They haunt my psyche, it’s enough to make me droop

I see them there, they’re everywhere

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