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Never Again - Lyrics (back)

Never Again

I don’t feel I have much guilt
For the world, our parents built
Foundation made of lies, bullshit to the skies
It’s been there, before was born
Painted with ridicule and scorn
Buying up a truth, but never getting proof
Brainwash baby form a public school
Saying yes, hoping to be cool
Trying to fit in, wearing liars skin
Keep my head down, bullet wizzing by
Foxhole coward, never saying why
Full of fear and shame, yet still in the game

But now I see a path for me
I won’t be silent, finally voicing what I think
Take a stand, proof in hand

No more words, no more hate,
Let it go, or doom’s your fate

Big bang starts in the distant past,
Sets a course never meant to last
Historic folly, galactic atrophy
God & Science human being made
Believing both right to the grave
Place your faith in hope, but looking like a dope
Saying things you think they wanna hear
Hiding truth, playing on our fear
A story so obscene, a truth that’s in between
I get tired of hearing people shout
When they talk all I hear is doubt
Clinging to belief, like it gives them relief

But now I know, it’s all for show
Action has always been louder than words
Take a chance, conviction’s dance

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