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Quantum Entangoment - Lyrics (back)

Quantum Entangoment

Here I am, now I’m not
I’m the light, I’m the dark
Now Im black, now Im white
I am all, I am neigh

Flashing- in and out of existence
Jump across the universe

Can you prove me and why would you care
Can you accept me, just on a dare
Can you believe, it’s all just a game
Do I exist if I have no name

I am this, I am that
I’m a dog, I’m a cat
I can soothe, I can cause pain
I am a loss, I am a gain
I am the alpha, I am the end
I am your enemy, I am your friend
I am chance, I am fate
I am love, I am hate

I’m the sky, I am the ground
I am straight, I am round
I am the good guy, I am the bad
I am happy, I am sad
I am broccoli, I am ice cream
I am a whisper, I am a scream
I am red, I am blue
I am false, I am true
I am big, I am small,
I am short, I am tall
I’m a robber, I’m a cop
I am go, I am stop

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