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Soak It In - Lyrics (back)

Soak It In

How can you ignore the world
That is alive each day
Miracles surround us all
Much more than I can even say

Take the time to soak it in
Make a plan so you can win
Embrace joy and wonderment
Give it time, time well spent

You don’t need some other’s words
To guide you to the light
All of us, deep inside
Have the gift, insight

I’m going to make a list
Of everything I like
A list that gives me joy
A list that fills my life
The things that make me happy
The things that make me glad,
The things that I cherish
Ever since I was a lad

I love a rainy Tuesday
I love a loved one’s laugh
I love to get an ice cream
I love to give you half
I love it when you smile
I love your happy glance
I love it when I learn
I love successful chance

We all have the power
To take the path of change
Just try something different
Who know it may just pay
The time that we have here
Grows shorter day by day
I know it’s getting better
In every single way

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