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Time to Get Out - Lyrics (back)

Time to Get Out

You say that living is taking it’s toll
You say your heart is down in a hole
Well alright
You say you’re hurting and dying inside
No matter where you turn there’s nowhere to hide
Oh yeah
You say you’ve had enough of this and of that
You make a statement of where you’re at
So you’re hurting, that I agree
It’s time for a change that all gonna see
No more cooking or cleaning the house
No more lovin’ or ironing that blouse

You’ve been putting up with all of this mess
It’s time for change and cut off the stress
Right now
The clock is ticking there’s no time to wait
It’s time to go and open the gate
Get out

You need to make it happen for you
You need a plan, so what you gonna do?
You start thinking about numero one
You make a choice to go have some fun
It’s easy just get up and run,
Just place your problems at the end of your gun
You shed the remnants of what used to be
You save some dough cause it’s never for free
Jump in the car and head down the road
Better do it now or you’re gonna explode

I see you leaving, you leave it behind
The life you led was making you blind
Oh God
So take a stand and make it all right
You need to do this and not put up a fight
Hell yes
But remember we’re a product of choice
Don’t bother screaming, you’ll ruin your voice
If that’s what makes you happy, go right ahead, Better free yourself or you’ll wind up dead
Take what you want cause I don’t care
You gave your all and “fair is fair”
I gave my best there’s not much I can do
Don’t drag it out, if you think that we’re through
But if you feel like changing your mind
I won’t be waiting till the end of time

Time to get out, time to get right out of here
Time to get out

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