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Nanotastic Dirge - King of the Idiots - Lyrics (back)

Nanotastic Dirge - King of the Idiots

There’s an ancient argument,
That dates from olden time
Both of them view the other
As some sort of heinous crime
They’ve spent many centuries
Trying to convert
But they use their faith and wisdom
Only to pervert

The other side uses science
To guide our world each day
They give us many wonders
But have lost their sense of play
They’re looking for an answer
To everything they see
But like the other side, they’ve lost
The forest for the trees

Arrogant humans,
Are you kidding me
So important to themselves
But as blind as blind can be
All of our leaders saying
“Facts are stupid things”
Pretending that they sacrifice
While pining to be
King of the Idiots

Somewhere in the middle
Is a truth that can be gleaned
The problem lies when neither side
Can meet in between
Waging war and poverty
Just to prove a point
Picking out an imbecile
A God that they anoint

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