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Everyone Everywhere - Lyrics (back)

Everyone Everywhere

Mile high above the clouds
So close, the voice is not too loud
Conflict, inside of me
My pain, obscures what I want to be

All the world, all of life
All of creation, is filled with strife
Every boy, and every girl
Everyone, everywhere around the world

Change sides, new point of view.
Makes sense, until you find out what is asked of you
Gut feeling, it’s totally wrong
Try hiding, there is no use, your regretful song

Eight billion souls each one a tale
Some will win and some are bound to fail
Who really knows, if we’re even real
My thought is “yes”, that’s how I feel

But it’s OK if that’s not your bag
It’s easy just look at what’s inside of you
Deep breath, close your eyes
My belief we’re all free to live our lives

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