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The Cage - Lyrics (back)

Legacy of the Industrial Revolution

The thought occurred to me just the other day
Six billion souls all lost in this swirl
It seems like chaos running in every different way
And all of us trapped upon this world

Fossil fuels, chokes the air
Trade your dreams, for despair

What have we done, We pissed in our beds
We think were so smart, it’s gone to our heads
The filth and the swill, it grows more each day
So what do we do, ignore it and hope that it just goes away

Machines of joy, machines of hate
We get what we want, it’s always the same
Techno-confusion, distorts the light from my soul
So look where we are, were stumbling round in the dead of night

Greed I fear, brought me here
Give me more, close the door

So where do we stand, at the end of the line
The end of now, the beginning of time
It’s all a big circle, we’ve been here before my friend
The joke is on us, where going to do it again, and again, and again, and again

The thought occurred to me while I sat beneath the stars,
That it could go either way for me
I could be nothing more than a tiny spec of dust
Or I could be the king of my reality

What a load of pretentious crap this is, if you listened to me
What did this have to do, with any legacy?

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