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Join Us

Cell phone click, game boy tick
You’re in a data zone
Terabyte, download fight
The network is your home
PC, Mac, backdoor hack
Binary one oh one
Xbox ploy, headshot joy
In a crowd you’re all alone

Where’s your head (Get out of bed)
In the real world
Come on in (Go for the win)
In the real world
From above (You’ll find your love)
In the real world
Come on back (You’ll get a snack)
In the real world

Virtualize, the world dies
The kingdom so attractive
Solo flight, no end in sight
The details so extensive
On-line friends, new world trends
You lose all sense of order
Time to pause, to loud applause
Community’s new member

On-line lives, devoid inside
You’re looking for completion
Feelings raw, you push withdraw
It’s time to try defection
Open eyes, you realize
There’s so much all around you
Civilize, reorganize
The magic will astound you

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