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Prophet for Profit - Lyrics (back)

Prophet for Profit

Stare at the faces walking by you
Shuffling forward, most of them just passing through
Some wearing ball caps, with baby in hand
Darth Vader t-shirt, so easy to spam
All carry baggage, some of it real
Vacant Dead doll eyes, so numb they can’t feel
Nothing in common, or so it would seem
All moving forward, like fish up a stream

Most of us, just getting by
Earth below us, above us only sky
Prophet for Profit
Prophet for Profit

There’s no incentive to find middle ground,
You keep us divided consensus in the lost and found
Your argument’s baseless, let’s stick to the facts
You pick out the flaws, personal attack
Make them look scary, the dollars roll in
No understanding, you profit from sin
It’s all about hatred, you monetize fear
To keep us apart, your objective’s so clear.

Follow me, it’s not clear,
show biz flash, give me cash,
soul is fine, see my crime,
profit time

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