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Want to Believe - Lyrics (back)

Want to Believe

I’m running away
I’ve nothing to say or stand on
I don’t know the truth
Fact and fiction, benediction
I’m biding my time
Just living a life of wonder
Hope that I can see
My fixation of what’s Inside of me

Now it’s a new day
Time seems to be standing still here
I’m finding a way
Make or break it, I can’t fake it
We just need a chance
So look to the sky and ask if
We will make it work
True or surreal, I can only try

Inside, outside, what’s going on here
Outer, inner zero with a twist
Make up, take up, I have a choice
It’s so clearly simple to me

Will I, can I, find solutions
It’s not easy to find the way
Live up, give up, I have to keep on
Looking for my path to salvation

So now is the time
I’m finding the clock is ticking
I don’t have to wait
Just decide if, I control my
Fate, it’s out there waiting,
Destiny, it’s just a word with meaning
I want to believe
I can change it, it will set me…free

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