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Can't Buy Your Way - Lyrics (back)

Can't Buy Your Way

You worship monetary states of being
With every deal you make
You might as well be stealing

It's just a part of business, someone loses
Don't look too close
You'll only see the bruises

“In God We Trust,”
That's what it says on Money
You think you're close to God
I think that's funny
You can’t buy your way into heaven

You were raised with privilege
Got what you asked for
Spoiled rotten, manners forgotten
Your father taught you the way to succeed
Ignore compassion, focus on greed

You can’t buy your way into Heaven
You shouldn’t even try
God doesn’t need your money
Don’t need to ask me why

You go to Church and then ask forgiveness
For lives you've ruined on your way
It doesn't matter if nothing changes
In the end you’re gonna pay

Ask me why

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