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I’m Not Your God - Lyrics (back)

I’m Not Your God

Prophet is what they call me
I'm only speaking my truth Truth is you find your own way
By loving each other each day There's not a moment to waste
Wipe that smug look off your face Your good life can be a erased
With misery, downfall, disgrace I'm not your God
Hear what I say I'm not your God
You've got to find your own way. You have been fooled once before
Your ego shows you the way Pride and privilege the rule of the day
It's just the game that you played Play it enough and you'll find
The legend remains in your mind Chasing your tail like a dog
Living your life in the fog Serenity’s what you will find
If you are gentle and kind I've never been sorry for living this way
The dividends that it has paid Have paved the road to my dreams
It's easier than it seems stop with the hatred give love
Down here on earth not above

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