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The Cage - Lyrics (back)

The Cage

Part I - There Are No Bars

A billion lives can make a difference
A billion more will never know
How to go through it with a conscience
To learn to let the river flow

To find the beauty all around you
To understand the magic night
To live each day up to its maximum
Be sure it's not a waste of time

Birth - School - Work - Death

I walk this stage
Ready for the challenge, the road ahead
I heed the sage
Feeding me the knowledge, the humble thread
I turn the page
Starting down the path, I'm alone instead
I see no cage
I only see the my head

Part II - The Starting Line

It's a sunny day
In the morning of my life
Gonna find a way
Find a way to win this fight

My whole life's in front of me
Won't someone tell me what I'm gonna be
Can I be?

Part III - The Indoctrination

The morning breaks a new day turning the sky a fire red
The day begins with me asking what’s here in my head
But as the time goes by, I’m always asking why nothing’s the same
I have to wonder why, as my life goes by, I never seem to get the game

The people tell me how I’m supposed to conform
They pound it into me, over again it’s the norm
But I just blow it off, with a laugh and scoff, and a blank stare
I try and blend right in, I have a gecko’s skin, they’ll never take me I swear

It’s all a power play, control the mind I say, won’t spring the trap today
I’m not a slave
My life is full of rage, I’m going to break the cage, it’s time to turn the page
I’m not a slave
You’ll try and brainwash me, my soul is always free, the truth is there to see
I’m not a slave
Those games are tired and played, my nerves are always frayed, that’s why I never stayed
I’m not a slave

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