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The Cage - Lyrics (back)

The Centre

Part I - Enter the Centre

Stuck within my own thoughts, The train inside my head
Synapses finally firing, The neuron filled with dread
Making some connections, That never lead the way
Cerebellum riddle, Will never find the light of day

I turn the key, I step inside, I close the door, I choose to hide

It’s easier to hide here, Away from prying eyes
It’s cold and dark inside me, My solitary price
Detritus is churning, Inside the cell I breach
The answer deep inside me, But always out of reach

Brick by brick, bar by bar, trick by trick, good so far,
Slip away, draw the blind, I built this cage, and just in time

Part II - Exile

As I’m closing the door, I turn to look around, the pile is on the ground
I start to make a list, things I want to keep, are laying in a heap
I look at each one-by-one, asking what it’s for, or if I need it anymore
Then I feel overwhelmed, too much there for me, no ending that I can see

I know you might ask me why, If I’m so smart to know, I could easily let it go
We put the bars in place, throw away the key, choosing not to be free
I built my cell brick by brick, lock myself inside, I just want to hide
I self impose my exile, self loath beyond the pale, agoraphobic jail

Part III - New Day

There’s no reason to be afraid now, the fears of my past, were never really meant to last
As I look back on my baggage, the things I don’t need, allows my mind to be freed
It’s as simple as letting go now, the chains that I create, would prophesize my fate
The true test of one’s own substance, is knowing when to try, or tell your problems bye bye

I’m a product of my own making, of things that stifle me, that tell me I can’t be free
I’m the one that built this fortress, but looking at the walls, I think it’s time for them to fall
It’s an act of my own doing, to let it slip away, and greet with joy the new day
So I cast the weight off me, the wisdom of the sage, there never really was a cage

I can’t believe I fell for my own bullshit, as clear as day, it wasn’t the way
I toss out all my defects, they were holding me back, the kept me off the track
I admit it’s kind of scary, but my past I’ll never mourn, I have power cause I’m reborn
If we’re lucky we finally find out, the path to be free, love yourself is the key.

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