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The Connection

The clock ticks on the wall
Your thoughts begin to sprawl
It’s later than you think
We’re closer to the brink
It’s not like you can choose
There’s so much that we can lose
But if we don’t try,
It’s not an alibi that you can use, I’m going to light the fuse

I’m a slave to my own fate
There’s no time left to wait
I don’t care what you think
It’s passing like the winking of an eye, we better hope and try

We’re a connection from the sky
Making a question out of why
Never a moment without a plan
Just make the choice, we know you can

So you have quite the grudge
Your anger needs a nudge
But you don’t have a clue
As to what’s inside you
You’re making quite the stand
The crowd gives you a hand
But they don’t really care
You’ve got them where they’re looking up to you, now whatcha gonna do

We’re a connection from the sky

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