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The Cage - Lyrics (back)

The Schtick

I like to hide who I am, cover the scam and not let you see the true me
It’s just the way that I cope, giving you hope, that the truth that’s inside is set free
So I joke about myself to friends, and they laugh with a pleasant unease
I make myself to be the fool all the time, in a desperate attempt to please
But everyone can see that I’m hiding, the essence inside of me
So they go along with my pitiful scam, waiting for me to be me

I’m standing on the edge of redemption, wasting the moment again
Selling you disinformation, at least that seems to be the new trend
And then I take another look in the mirror, but nothing is looking at me
I’m going to try and tell the truth to you all, hoping you’re all gonna see

I know it’s all a mirage, this phony visage that I pull every night off the shelf
It is a comfort I use, my only excuse is that I keep the lie all to myself
And now the audience starts to wonder, just what the hell is wrong today
They wait again for me to stumble, every time I have something to say
But I just pull out my dullard-like life mask, and show the face they all want to see
It just another lame ass precept that buries the pain inside of me

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